Check out these gorgeous Soapstone slabs! Pacific Crest Granite has a new Soapstone supplier and we are very proud to showcase their slabs that they have available. If you are in the market for Soapstone countertops we are the number one fabricating stone contractor in all of Northern California. We strive to supply our customers with the best quality and most diverse selections of all the stone slabs available. Choosing Soapstone for your home or business project is a great option not only because Soapstone is beautiful it is practical. Soapstone will not burn! You can set a pan straight from the oven or stove onto your Soapstone, no problems. Soapstone does not stain! Nothing will absorb into Soapstone so that means it is completely non-porous and naturally bacteria free. Who could resist a quality like this for your family or business stone applications. Soapstone is easy to clean! No harsh chemicals, sealers or anti-bacterial cleaning is needed. Mild soap and water will work perfectly and if you are into the all natural cleaning thing, vinegar is also an option that will not damage your Soapstone product.


Selecting the perfect Soapstone for your project defines your style and demonstrates your gratitude of the world’s most gorgeous and natural stone available. Soapstone’s natural beauty and warmth enrich any look you are trying to achieve with your stone application.

ANASAZI Soapstone has a greenish hue with large lightning bolt like veining.

BUZIOS Soapstone has changing color variations with a soft flowing movement.

NOIRE Soapstone is dramatic and black with white veins.

CINZA Soapstone is black in color with sporadic cream veins.

PA Soapstone is a darker grey with subtle off-white/olive veining.

INDIGO Soapstone is blue and is perfect in its natural state.

CLASSIC Soapstone has blue, grey, green and black hues with thrilling and busy veining.

MINAS Soapstone is black and has cream tiger slash like veining.

WHITE Soapstone is cream and grey with intense black veining.

PRATIMA Soapstone is very dramatic, beautifully green and heavily veined.


Contact us today at Pacific Crest Granite for your next Soapstone project application! You will be completely satisfied with this stone and our expertise fabrication and installation.